Splash Team

Splash is run by a small group of Oxford University students who are responsible for all aspects of the planning and organisation of our events. Planning for Splash starts almost a year before in Trinity term, with teacher recruitment taking place in Michaelmas and the event itself taking place in Hilary. Although administrators may have official positions within the club, Splash is an event that requires much teamwork to plan and so many of the responsibilities are shared by all administrators. Programme Directors are in charge of ensuring that our preparations for Splash are on target to provide high-quality educational programmes.
We are also grateful to our Senior Member, Prof Nicholas Yeung for the support that he provides.

Hilary 2019 Committee

Safeguarding Officer
Elektra Georgiakakis
SecretaryHassam Khattak
TreasurerJoshua Deru
IT OfficerVasiliki Alexiou
Teaching OfficerJason Parisi
Student Recruitment Officer
Safeguarding Officer
Jack Holland

Past Committees

Hilary 2018

PresidentSam Banks
SecretarySibyl Bertrand
TreasurerAlex Prior-Wandesforde
Safeguarding OfficerSean Kemsley
IT OfficerMatthew Lloyd
WebmasterDaniel Sherlock
Teaching OfficerAmy Hughes
Committee MembersJamie MacKillop
Oliver Taylor

Hilary 2017

PresidentLottie Ferguson
SecretaryFreddy Blake
TreasurerMeg Harrington
Safeguarding OfficerLizzie Shelmerdine
IT OfficerSamuel Banks
Publicity OfficersJack Holland
Lizzie Shelmerdine
Postgraduate RepAmy Orben

Hilary 2016

Programme DirectorsSamuel Banks
Catherine Scanlon
PresidentBeren Millidge
SecretaryCatherine Scanlon
TreasurerTimothy Foot
Safeguarding OfficerSamuel Banks
IT OfficerSamuel Banks
Committee memberJames Soulsby

Trinity 2015 (inaugural programme)

Programme DirectorsCatherine Scanlon
Una Boyle
PresidentUna Boyle
SecretaryCatherine Scanlon
TreasurerBeren Millidge
IT OfficerElizabeth Yang
WebmasterRegina Chan
Administrators Suzanne Angliviel

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