DBS Checks

To request a DBS Check go to the OUSU office at 2 Worcester Street between 12-1pm on a Tuesday or Wednesday during term time, with the required documents and mention Splash at Oxford. Email enquiries@ousu.ox.ac.uk to make an appointment at another time.

All teachers who teach for Splash are required to get DBS Checks (background checks). If you have never had a DBS check or it has been 3 years since you last had a DBS check completed, then it is recommend you have another one done. DBS Checks are free if you let OUSU know that you are teaching for Splash at Oxford. However, they can take up to 8 weeks to complete.

You must bring 3 original documents (no scans or copies): 1 document proving your identity, 1 document proving your current address (dated in the last 3 months), and an additional document proving either your identity or your address.

  • Acceptable forms of ID include: passport, driving license, birth certificate, visa or citizen card
  • Acceptable proof of address includes: battels bill, bank/building society statement, tenancy agreement etc

Please look at this document for further information as to which documents are accepted as proof of your identity or address.

If your DBS certificate is less than 3 years old and you have been in continuous education during the intervening period, you won't need a new one to teach at Splash. If you are unsure whether you need a DBS check, please contact us.

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