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CHRISTINA HILL, Oxford undergrad & amateur designer

Major: Classics

College/Employer: Oxford

Year of Graduation: 2019

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I've been designing for student productions for four years and am the President of Tabs are For Flying (Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers). I've worked in costume, set, and lighting design as well as stage and production management in venues around Oxford and on tour. Previous work can be found at christinahilldesign.co.uk.

Past Classes

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A130: From Page to Stage: Understanding & Designing Sets in Splash Hilary 2019 (Feb. 23, 2019)
Theatre design has the powerful ability to transport the audience anywhere in time and space, and influences our responses to the action much more than we realise. In this class we'll be talking about how a set designer works with their director, script, and other designers to create an appropriate and creative environment for the play. Using examples of plays, musicals, and films known to the class we will analyse different set designs and discuss how and why various elements are created. I will also be talking about the set creation process and more broadly about the other areas of theatre design and how they work together.