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Major: Theoretical Physics

College/Employer: Oxford

Year of Graduation: G

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S120: The Physics of Music in Splash Hilary 2019 (Feb. 23, 2019)
How do instruments produce sound? Why do some frequencies sound sweet and others dreadful? Here we will explore the physical underpinnings of the music you hear every day. Complete with live instruments!

S121: Black Holes in Splash Hilary 2019 (Feb. 23, 2019)
Black holes are some of the most mysterious objects in the Universe, where physical conditions are at some of their most extreme. Their gravitational pull is so strong that even light cannot escape! In this class we venture into the exciting and nonintuitive world of these enigmatic objects.

H124: Introduction to Chinese Characters in Splash Hilary 2019 (Feb. 23, 2019)
The Chinese language uses a writing system that most of us are completely unfamiliar with: it is logographic. This means that each character has an intrinsic meaning; there are tens of thousands of these characters! This contrasts with the Latin alphabet system that characterizes most Western writing systems. In this class, we will dissect Chinese characters, looking at how the very earliest Chinese characters evolved into what they are today! By the end of this class, you should be able to accurately guess the meaning of a large number of Chinese characters, even if you have never learned Chinese.